We see a lot of teenagers at BeWell Associates. Digestive distress, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, inability to focus;  their symptoms run the gamut of adult problems.

It is not uncommon for us to work with a 15 year old whom has a fairly typical triad of complaints: chronic stomach aches, extreme fatigue and focus problems. In this case, we evaluated the client and corrected her stomach complaints by eliminating her main food allergen and introducing probiotics.  By investigating her Amino Acids through testing, we found low levels of the building blocks for dopamine. Dopamine is the brain chemical that helps with focus and energy. After just a month on her Amino Acid she was able to stop her medication (Ritalin) and has her energy back.  She will eventually be able to stop using the supplement and maintain her brain chemistry (improved focus and energy)  through diet alone.

Recently we worked with a high school senior, an academically gifted athlete. She was extremely fatigued and had debilitating monthly migraines. Through a combination of tests we discovered severe allergies to dairy and eggs, depletion of several of her amino acids, and hormonal imbalance. The customized amino acid powder that we formulated, based on her test,  had immediate results in improving her energy and clarity of thinking. A small amount of progesterone cream regulated her periods and corrected her migraines. Within two months she was symptom free and feeling better than she had in a long time.  As her body balance improves, she will be able to stop using the cream and maintain her equilibrium through eating adequate protein- rich meals to meet the demands of her athletic lifestyle. She will also need to continue using her multivitamin with extra anti-oxidants, Twice Daily, to counteract the extra oxidative stress to which runners are exposed.

Another client was a tenth-grader with depression and anxiety. Her parents wanted to avoid anti-depressants. We tested her neurotransmitters and discovered that not only was her serotonin indeed low but several of her stress hormones were also high, and it was that combination that was causing the severe anxiety and withdrawal from a social life.  A pre-cursor to serotonin, 5-HTP Supreme, and the stress balancing botanicals in Adrenotone addressed both issues and had her happy and more relaxed in weeks. After a few months on her program, she was able to stop all supplementation because her brain chemistry had been corrected and she was able to maintain the new balance through diet alone. That is the beauty of using the BeWell approach.

Severe headaches and very poor immunity are also common ailments that we see. One teen picked up every bug he encountered and couldn’t shake them off. He missed months of school. We did a series of testing on him because he had been miserable for so long; his parents wanted him to get results ASAP and return to school.   Using heavy metal testing in addition to the TRIAD Test, (food allergy, detoxification, metabolic, amino acid, hidden infections etc.) we identified the source of his headaches.   Excluding those foods and enhancing his detoxification abiliti