Just how sensitive are probiotics? Clients frequently ask whether they should be refrigerated. The answer is yes, but not necessarily all the time.

Here are some guidelines:
-Don’t leave them in a hot car or subject them to freezing temperatures (like the cargo hold of an airplane).
-Do carry them in your purse or backpack when traveling.
-Do you put them in your vitamin holder a week at a time and refrigerate the rest.

Most probiotic companies overestimate the amount of active live bacteria, so that if some die off, the potency still matches the label claims. It’s still a good idea to buy from a source that receives them with ice packs and refrigerates them immediately until they are sold. Read on for some tips on the care of your probiotics !

Our probiotics come with ice packs and we store them in the refrigerator to assure potency.  If we ship you probiotics, we always send them early in the week, with ice packs, to decrease the chances of them sitting in a hot post office over a weekend. Once you receive them, refrigerate immediately. If you’re traveling a distance to come for an appointment, please bring a cooler with you to ensure optimal product potency by the time you get home. It’s best for your other supplements to stay cool during hot weather as well.

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Enjoy better gut health now!
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