Do any of these symptoms sound like you or a family member?

  • Always stuffy?
  • Throat perpetually scratchy, froggy, or thick?
  • Head pounding from sinus headache or infection?
  • Multiple trips to the doctor each winter?
  • If you said yes to any of the above, then this Sinus Survival Guide is for you!

First, how do sinus infections begin?

The mucous in your sinus passages thickens and forms plugs…and congestion. Bacteria love this moist, dark passageway filled with a nice thick substrate and whammo, you have an infection.
Often, especially if the infections are recurrent, you actually have yeast/fungus embedded in the mucous membranes rather than bacteria, and antibiotics won’t work.
I’ll bet you, or a family member, have had the experience of taking antibiotics for a sinus infection with no results. These fungal over growths are the most stubborn to treat and eliminate.

Some of the common factors that set the stage for sinus infections are:

[1] Dry heat
[2] Frigid outdoor temperatures
[3] Chronic dehydration
[4] Eating foods that produce a lot of mucus

Here are some easy home care tips for your sinuses:

[1] Use a humidifier in your be