Cold, dry air, post nasal drip and cold/flu bugs can all lead to sore throats this time of year.  According to JAMA’s Journal of Internal Medicine only 5 to 15% of cases require medication although doctors prescribe them for 60% of the patients they see with sore throats.

Banish that sore throat yourself with some smart and safe natural remedies:

Silvercillen Spray is a  natural antibiotic colloidal silver that gets sprayed directly onto the back of the throat to kill those bugs virtually instantly.

Probiommune Lozenges: probiotic specific to the sinuses and throat especially developed for children, prevents sore throats, ear infections and swollen tonsils.

For adults, the new probiotic UltraFloraImmune populates the sinuses with healthy bacteria native to those membranes. Excellent for chronic conditions.

Gargling with crushed Zinc-Zyme tablets heal the tender mucous membranes in the back of the throat, as do zinc lozenges.

Honey and lemon in tea: hydrates the dry mucous membranes to soothe and heal.

BioImmunozyme Forte is a powerful immune booster that contains echinacea as well as glandulars for all the organs that affect immunity. It’s a welcome ally during the winter months to fend off all sorts of maladies.

Hydrate:  In addition to drinking lots of hot fluids, run a humidifier in your bedroom and office.

Rest: I know, I know, who has time to rest this time of year? But really, it’s the best way to recover swiftly rather than drag along for weeks.  Cancel what you can and stay home.

If your scratchy throat persists without a cough or high temperature you may need to be checked for strep throat.

Otherwise use the natural remedies above and feel better soon.