Autism.      Be Smart: Prevent Autism Now!

The statistics are staggering, and getting worse….1 out of 50 American children are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a significant increase in the past 20 years.

And many others are dealing with learning disabilities and developmental delays.

Dr. Suruchi Chandra, a Harvard-trained, board-certified psychiatrist, who treats children using the holistic approach, feels that it is a combination of environmental toxins, poor diet, and overuse of antibiotics that is contributing to the epidemic.

I agree with her.

I don’t believe there is any one factor causing autism. BUT, I do know that there can be a single TRIGGER that can set it off,  if a child’s health is primed.  A child’s health can be primed for autism if they are suffering from several  “primers” such as missing nutrients, underlying infections, hidden food allergies, problems with liver detoxification, gut dysfunction, mitochondrial deficits and other correctable problems.

All of these factors can be corrected or prevented through functional laboratory evaluation, such as our TRIAD test,  and proper interventions based on test results that include nutrition and customized supplements.

Some signs that your child could benefit from evaluation: If your child has dark or pinkish/purplish circles under their eyes, is constipated/diarrhea regularly, doesn’t sleep well, is hyperactive, is sick a lot, consider testing as a form of prevention, especially if they are still being vaccinated regularly, so that their bodies can tolerate the side effects of the vaccinations, which is a common trigger.  You may be saving your family a lifetime of difficulties.

Hear from two families who have benefitted:

Our 4-year-old, diagnosed with ASD, had a huge improvement within weeks of starting the supplement and diet regimen that was developed from the results of his TRIAD testing. Improvements included increased focus, better social interaction and speech, less anxiety and aggression, fewer digestive problems and less dry skin. We couldn’t be more pleased. He’s getting great progress reports from school and continues to improve as long as he stays on his program. Thank you, BeWell!

J.P., Somerset, PA

 Our daughter is so much happier in less than a month into her program based on the TRIAD test.  All her gas is