Monica and I are often asked questions about what our routines look like. So this month we decided to interview each other about what supplements we take, what foods we can’t live without, and what rule we follow the most often in our own lives.

What rule of eating do you follow most consistently?

Angie:  I am really good about eating gluten-free. I have learned over the years that gluten has more of an emotional effect on me so I try to avoid it when I can. I do find it challenging at times because I don’t have instant physical reactions when I eat it. So that being said, I will indulge from time-to-time because who doesn’t like a good beer? Fortunately, I have a fondness for cider and have found a few GF beers that I really enjoy! (Email me if you would like some recommendations!!)

If you had to choose only one piece of advice to share with people in regards to nutrition and supplementation, what would it be?

Monica: The key insight I’ve learned while working with clients is just how important adequate protein is to feeling our best and maintaining health and stamina. Wow. What a difference it makes. Women are especially prone to undereating protein and can suffer hormonally and energy wise as a result.

How has your job as a nutritionist influenced your own eating habits?
Angie: It has made me more aware of our current food system and all the crap that goes into processed foods. This allows me to educate my clients about the importance of whole food nutrition and how to get what they need from food. I love to cook so coming into this profession has been a bonus when preparing foods for myself and my family. I do need to use caution at times because the information that I learn daily can be overwhelming. And who needs more stress? 😉

What are three foods you can’t live without?

Monica: Tough question!!
The three foods I couldn’t live without would be:
1. greens, both cooked and raw ( I love big salads with leafy greens and lots of chopped veggies, nuts and fruit and some additional protein )
2. peanut butter
3. bread

Yes I love bread. I don’t eat any of the hearty breads that I used to since I’ve been low gluten for many years, but I still have it almost daily, usually as toast, to go with my PB! My favorite is the Sesame Ezekial, which is high in both protein and calcium. I think this is partly cultural as, in Hungary, every meal is finished with a bite of bread as a nod to its importance as the “staff of life”.

And if I can sneak a 4 th food into the lineup it would be coffee…to go with