Do you know a child who has constant bellyaches??

If so, here are some tips to help them. Why? Because not only do frequent stomachaches get in the way of learning and fun, but they can signal imbalances that can cause long term health problems. If digestion is not working properly, nutrients cannot be assimilated and proper detoxification cannot take place. The entire body is adversely affected!

Antibiotic use is a major cause of digestive problems. Ear infections in infants and toddlers, strep throat in middle schoolers, acne and UTIs (urinary tract infections) in teens, are all treated with antibiotics. On top of oral antibiotics, there are antibiotics in our food supply and in our soaps and hand cleaners.

There IS a safe way to take antibiotics. Use a probiotic along with them. The words themselves say it all: “anti” biotic literally means “against life” and “pro”biotic means “for life”. So once you kill off the targeted bacteria, you must replace the friendly ones. If you don’t, you run the risk of creating imbalances in the bacterial population of the digestive tract that can cause problems later on. One of the most common immediate effects is diarrhea and yeast infections. Later on,  resulting changes in the lining of the digestive tract can cause hidden food allergies,  chronic headaches, poor focus, fatigue, skin problems, and many others issues. See Leaky What? for a more thorough explanation.

If your child is complaining of bellyaches try this:

  • Give them a good quality probiotic. Buy one that is refrigerated and keep yours in the fridge. Why? Because probiotics are live organisms that die when exposed to excessively high or low temperatures. They need to be shipped cold and stored cold, especially during the summer months. You don’t want something that has been sitting on a store shelf for months. Try our Probiotic Synergy Powder or Probiotic Synergy Pearls, which are convenient and guaranteed live.  Give once/ day, evening best.
  • Stop using anti-bacterial products with the possible exception of a waterless hand cleaner when soap and water are not available. You don’t need to kill bacteria on your hands, you just want to remove them, and soap and water are perfectly adequate for that purpose. Reduce yours and your child’s exposure to antibiotics in every area you can!
  • Remove dairy products from your child’s diet. Replace the most common tummy upsetting food in the American diet, cow dairy, with alternatives s