The short answer is No…

Let first clarify what the vast majority of people are looking for when we discuss weight loss. The hundreds of people I’ve spoken to over the years have a strong desire to create a lean and toned physique that they feel good about. They also want to keep those hard earned gains in fitness for the long-term. Many have had inconsistent results or have had trouble keeping weight off for the extended periods.  The overarching challenges I hear people share are a lack of time, motivation, knowledge. They also have frustration with the lack of results from their efforts.

Many people that are interested in losing weight follow the conventional wisdom that says aerobic exercise is the key. While it is an important aspect of one’s overall program, it will leave you short of your goals if done exclusively, especially if we consider the long-term. (which you are, right?).

Resistance training receives less attention for a great number of clients I talk to. The reasons are 3 fold:

1) Its impact on weight loss is misunderstood
2) People are unsure of how to safely and effectively implement it in their program
3) It’s done inconsistently or without progression

The problems with Aerobic exercise as a weight loss tool:

1) It provides only a short-term benefit in the form of calorie consumption. You are only burning calories while you are performing the exercise.
2) It does not contribute to an increase in resting metabolism and can actually decrease it over time.
3) It can be very time consuming for the impact it provides.
4) It can be hard on your joints, especially as we get older.

If you’re looking for the most effective, efficient and sustainable weight loss program resistance training should provide the foundation along with a sound nutrition plan. You want Maximum Efficiency and Impact!

The advantages of strength or resistance training are numerous:

1) It elevates your metabolism helping you burn more calories at rest throughout the day. These long periods of rest which constitute the majority of your day are also when your body uses the highest percentage of fat for fuel.
2) It burns a significant number of calories especially if done progressively and with the appropriate amount of rest between sets.
3) It helps you safely participate in other forms of activity or exercise that can be beneficial for overall health and weight loss. As an example, you can run or bike harder and accelerate fitness and weight loss results.
4) Muscle tone is greatly enhanced contributing to the aesthetic improvements in your physique.

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Guest blog by Cam Capurso


Cam Capurso is the Performance Director of Pow