As you travel this summer your gut bacteria will changes significantly with the introduction of different food, water and even the air you breathe….

And, in turn, you’ll change the bacterial diversity of the places you visit!!

As we learn more about probiotics and their effects on overall health, including digestion, detoxification, immunity and even mood, it becomes more important to pay attention to the health of our “biome”, the small ecosystem inside us.

Not so small…more like 100 trillion organisms in the average person, including hundreds of species that inhabit various segments of our digestive tract!  Think of them as “neighborhoods” and each section has the correct balance of species…or not!

Consequently, there are probiotics for specific conditions.   Ultra Flora Immune was designed to heal chronic sinus problems. Ultra Flora IB targets problematic digestion.  Floramycess  knocks out the notoriously difficult- to- treat bacterial infection, c. difficile. Factor Four is bifidobacteria only and essential for a particular form of SIBO (Small intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). These are just a few that we offer at BeWell.

Our colonies of bacteria are constantly changing.  We collect our initial batch during our trip down the vaginal canal during birth.  Unfortunately, infants who are born by c-section miss out on inoculation with this all-important flora.  Consequently, they suffer from a much higher incidence of colic and acid reflux as infants and allergies and asthma by the age of 5.

Prevention is simple; simply providing C-Section babies with bifidobacteria, the primary strain they need to digest and detoxify, right after birth.  In Europe, all C-Section babies are sent home with a small bottle of Bifidus, which is applied on baby’s gums or mom’s nipples before nursing. The European kids don’t have nearly the food allergies and respiratory problems as their American counterparts.

In addition to probiotics, there are many kinds of fermented foods that support good populations of friendly gut bacteria. image

How many of these are you eating regularly?

Try a new one each week and you and your gut biome will grow and thrive!