For years I have been ignoring my health and taking care of everyone but myself. About a year ago I started working with a Personal Trainer and although I started exercising more I still did not feel the greatest. She referred me to Angie. I would do anything to get some relief of the pain I was feeling. Angie had me start with a 28 Detox Program and after 3 weeks, all of my pain was gone! My lymphedema is also gone! My time with my Personal Trainer is becoming more valuable every week – I can move again! For the last year I had taken Advil 6 times a day to deal with the pain. Now I don’t take anything!

I have lost 52 pounds and over 12 inches in 3 months! I feel 20 years younger! Angie has prepared a personal food plan and it is re-teaching me to follow a sensible eating plan. I still have a long way to go… and if you are like me and have 100+ lbs. to lose, I hope you will call Angie and get started. I don’t need to worry about points or getting meals in plastic pouches. With Angie’s help I am learning to love real food and make the right choices for the rest of my life.
K.F., Woodstock VA