We never really think about our gallbladder until its is acting up, and then, OH BOY, can it be painful!

But, really, there are plenty of warning signals that all is not right. If we would just act on them, there would be no drama and no surgery….

Here are the top clues that your gall bladder is not happy:gb

  • waking up nauseous
  • daytime nausea for no apparent reason
  • urgent diarrhea after a fatty meal
  • light colored stools ranging from tan to yellow
  • pain or a sense of pressure under the ribs on the right side
  • chronic headaches right over the eyebrows

Hormones play a role in gall bladder health. As hormones change around perimenopause, gall bladder problems can crop up, especially for women. There’s a saying that being “female, fat and forty” puts you at higher risk of gall bladder problems.

So does the season of spring. In Chinese medicine, gall bladder energy is most active in the spring.  So if there are any imbalances in that organ, they’ll be more likely to flare during this time.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of a gall bladder that is not quite working well, BeWell Associates can help restore your gallbladder to full function very quickly.

Here’s an example of our client, who was scheduled for gall bladder surgery.  She followed our program and two months later was happily eating french fries without incident and with her gallbladder intact.

“I came to Monica in a bit of a panic. I was having violent gallbladder attacks. Extremely painful. Childbirth was nothing compared to these.

My family urged me to have the surgery. But I really didn’t want to so I contacted Monica, followed her diet and supplement program, and the pain was gone within days. Within weeks I was adding fatty foods back into my diet and digesting them.  And amazingly, after two months.  that included french fries, which is the ultimate test for someone with a bad gallbladder.   It’s been several years since this episode and I have not had a recurrence! “

~T.P., State College, PA