Anxiety during the day?

Tossing and turning and can’t sleep?

Panic attacks?

If this sounds like you, you’ll want to find out WHY you’re feeling so out of wack so you can correct the problem effectively, permanently and without medication.

At BeWell Associates we say “test, don’t guess”!

The TRIAD test accurately assesses WHY you’re not sleeping, WHY you’re anxious, WHY you’re having panic attacks.  We use supplements and diet to correct the imbalance.

Get it right the first time.

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Read more about the holistic approach to solving insomnia and anxiety:

“When I first saw Monica I was just beginning to recover from a severe and unexpected bout with anxiety and depression. Through her careful and compassionate accounting of all my symptoms, and especially through the Triad tests, we were able to uncover the physiological causes of my “brain sickness” . A program of targeted supplements corrected these issues. As a result, I feel better than I have in many years! Retesting was also useful, and reassuring, in that it showed normalization in most areas, but also a few areas that still need stronger intervention.”– C.R., State College, PA