Whether or not to vaccinate for measles is a hot topic right now.

Regardless of which side of the issue you are on, there are some practical measures you can take to protect your beloved children, whether you vaccinate or not.

We can’t be too careful in protecting our kids when vaccinating.

If you do decide to vaccinate, here are my suggestions to make it a safer experience:

  • Do not vaccinate if your child is showing any signs of not feeling well, even a slight sniffle or tummy ache.  There’s no reason to stress them further. The vaccination is stress enough.baby-getting-vaccine
  • Spread the vaccines out over time. Never more than two at a time. Again, to reduce the total load on their bodies.
  • Absolutely do not give Tylenol for post vaccine fever or body aches. This particular medication, acetaminophen, blocks the very pathways in the liver that are needed to eliminate the toxic additives in vaccines.  Advil or ibuprofen is a better choice.
  • Consider not giving every single vaccine.  The average child in the early 1980 s received a dozen or so doses of vaccines. Now it’s up to 49 doses of 16 vaccines by age 6, two dozen doses by the first year.  You have asked yourself why and whether they really need all of those.
  • Don’t follow vaccines with a sugary reward/ treat.  Again, it’s all about managing the total load the child’s body is dealing with and improving their immunity during the time their body is processing the vaccine.

I also want to say here, that I don’t believe vaccines CAUSE autism.  But, I do believe, and have witnessed them as TRIGGERS. If your child already has low immunity from poor diet, imbalances in gut bacteria, nutrient deficiencies, or other stressors, then a vaccine can most certainly set off the chain of reactions that changes their body chemistry and alters their DNA enough to lead to ASD.  But vaccines aren’t the only triggers.  I’ve seen a child whose trigger was the application of insecticides around the perimeter of their home.  It doesn’t have to be a vaccine, but some major stressor, environmental or otherwise.

The other consideration with vaccinating is that the fillers in vaccines are the actual cause of toxic reactions!  Thimerisol is still being used. It’s mercury, a known neurotoxin!  The list of additives is long and includes  aluminum, formaldehyde and many others. That’s why liver support during and after a vaccination is so important.

It’s all about improving their immunity.

Sugar is the number one dietary enemy of immunity.  Important Immune system activity is suppressed for four hour