I read a lot of blogs about weight loss so I don’t want this to be just another blog about dropping pounds. I want to share my thoughts on the ever growing industry of weight loss and weight loss products.  I feel like everyone likes to promise that their program is the best and that they guarantee the results you are looking for. Of course we all want the instant gratification of losing 10-15 pounds in a few months, but how many of those programs are sustainable? How many will guarantee that you will keep those pounds off 6 months down the road? How many of these programs look at the underlying issues that contribute to someone’s current weight?

Healthy and lasting weight loss is about more than balancing calories in with calories out. It’s about more than running on a treadmill for an hour every night. I don’t believe in ‘cookie-cutter’ programs. And quite frankly, cookie-cutter weight loss programs make me mad.

Why? Because they don’t work! There are deeper ties to weight loss resistance: metabolic issues, gut problems, hormonal imbalances, and holding on to emotional pain. These root causes of being overweight are often overlooked in the rush for a quick fix. And we all know that quick fixes can end up causing more problems than solutions.

I have struggled with weight issues my entire life. I never thought my body was good enough and can recall beginning to think of myself as fat and chubby as early as age 8. Later, throughout my entire adolescent life I was fixated on how I felt about myself and body image issues. I was an athlete, so I was fit, but in my eyes I couldn’t accept that I looked good.

Yep, this was me in 1994!

When I moved away to college, I gained 40