Eating right is hard, isn’t it? But I think we often make it harder than it has to be and so I’m going to share with you my 12 Simple Rules for Exceptional Eating.

This list comes from my 25 years of helping people get healthy and listening to their struggles with changing their diet.  I’ve also sifted through hundreds of scientific papers, and read all the diet books from Atkins to the Zone, from vegan to Paleo.

These rules apply to everyone, whether you just want to lose weight or are combating cancer. Beyond dieting, these 12 eating rules should rid your psyche of the old way of thinking (i.e. calorie counting) and adopting a new way of thinking – eating real food.

And always remember what I tell every client . You don’t have to eat perfectly….any positive change is better than none!

12 Simple Rules to Exceptional Eating

  1. Don’t eat ANY food with guilt, so, enjoy that darn cookie every now and then.
  1. If your grandmother doesn’t or wouldn’t recognize the food, it’s probably NOT A FOOD…in other words, if the ingredients list has more than 4 unpronounceable words, it’s JUNK. Stick to foods that have just one word as an ingredient, e.g. broccoli or eggs etc.
  1. Spice it up. Spices are therapeutic and just taste good. Rosemary, garlic, thyme, turmeric, oregano are all good. Added to food – even your omelet.
  1. If the food takes a long time to spoil or it doesn’t spoil, it’s not good for you. All good food spoils within a relatively short time.  I’ll never forget the 20 year old Twinkie my mentor had on her bookshelf…still soft and fresh looking!
  1. Eat seasonally. If its cold outside eat warm soups and stews.  Cottage cheese, yogurts and salads are energetically “cold” foods best eaten in hot weather.  You can still eat your greens sautéed or in cooked dishes during winter.
  1. Limit sugars, fruit juices and white flour foods as much as possible. Yes fruit juice too. It’s only marginally better than soda. Very few exceptions.
  1. If eating MEATS, no problem. Meat consumption is not the evil food it has been made out to be. Just make sure its “clean meat” and don’t overcook. Best if the animal source was eating their natural diet before it ended up on your plate. e.g. Cattle should eat grass not corn or grains. Chickens eat worms.
  1. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of CLEAN water a day. I prefer  reverse osmosis purified water.  If eating lots of fruits and vegetables, a little less may be needed. Tea also counts.
  1. Portion control – it’s OK to leave food on your plate – don’t tell your mother I said that. If eating o