I love to cook! I grew up helping my mom and grandmother in the kitchen, so the basics were instilled in me at a young age. I remember putting on a cooking show from behind our kitchen bar and instructing a step by step tutorial on how to make a cake.

My mom mostly made things from scratch but she also had plenty of cookbooks from which I followed along as her little helper. This planted the seed for my future culinary skills. With the increase in teenager activities and the advent of boxed foods, following a recipe became even easier and faster: 1/4 cup of this, a tbsp. of that, and voilà…you had a finished product!

Many people are unsure of themselves in the kitchen. I often have clients telling me they don’t know ‘how’ to cook or just ‘don’t have time’. But hey, we all HAVE to eat. It’s our life force.IMG_20141102_161403_136 (1)

So I thought, what if I could make this easy for people?

What if I could teach people how to throw together a meal with confidence? What if…I could combine the two things I love, cooking and nutrition, and share it with the world?

I had a chance to do just that this past Sunday.  I met with an amazing group of women to demonstrate healthy cooking tips that are easy, quick, and kid-friendly. We made 4 recipes that were allergy-friendly, diabetes-friendly, and adaptable to both the vegetarian or carnivore lifestyles.

Everyone got to taste of all of the dishes and took home recipe cards.

The menu consisted of:

All recipes were gluten free, dairy free, and egg free.

The three vegan recipes are easily adaptable by adding meat.

The planning was easy:

  • Lindsey (the host) asked me to do the classIMG_20141102_150327_711
  • She created a Facebook event.
  • She invited friends.
  • We asked for menu planning ideas.
  • I made a shopping list and sent to the host.
  • I made recipe cards for sharing.
  • I showed up and did the demonstration.

The BONUS: I answered nutrition and cooking questions as we waited for the dishes to cook.

It was that simple.

If you want to learn to cook or if you need help with meal planning, let’s plan an event! It is so much fun and a great way to spend a fun and productive afternoon with friends! Who doesn’t love to eat?? 😉


Please email me at angie@bewellassociates.com for planning an event. Prices vary, depending on how many dishes we cook, and how many people attend.

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