Tis the season!

Don’t get caught without your tools for fending off colds and flu.

Even if you already have one, applying these suggestions can decrease the severity and length of your cold/flu.

If your colds tend to become sinus infections, skip right to our Sinus Survival Guide! 

Here’s what we recommend for prevention:

Optimal Vita D levels …between 70-90 ng/ml make for strong immunity

ImmuniTone– a combination of echinacea, astragulus, green tea, maitake, reishi, shitake, elderberry, and more,  for improved immunity all winter long. Use 1-2 daily for prevention, more when fighting a bug.

Here’s what we recommend if you already have the sniffles:

Sinupret – an herbal decongestant that works, with no side effects.

Buffered Vita C – High dose Vita C- take enough to cause loose stool for best immune support, then reduce. For most people this requires 2000-6000 mg, or 1-3 tsp of this product without irritating the stomach.

Zinc – 50-100 mg/day, with food. Crush a tablet and gargle with it, or suck the tablet along with a lozenge, to zap sore throat pain and heal the tender, inflamed tissues on contact.

Salt Inhaler – If you can’t use the Neti Pot, this is a pleasant way to keep sinus passages open.

Oil of Oregano – Kills bacteria, yeast and viruses.  I highly recommend taking some every morning, especially if travelling.

Probiotic Synergy – Probiotics are the new heroes of the immune system…plus improve every stage of digestion. Comes as a powder for the little ones.

And remember to increase fluids and rest at the first sign of a cold. Those are the basic requirements to shake one off quickly!

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