Here at BeWell we are big fans of detoxification. We recommend a formal cleanse in the spring and fall.  A fall detox can help you get through the winter months with a stronger immune system.

As you know, detoxification takes place in your liver.  Environmental toxins, heavy metals, hormones, food additives, etc. present a daily challenge to keeping the liver clean and functional.

The good news is that through our easy and effective detox program you can eliminate toxins and feel better than ever!

Read what some of our clients have to say about their 28-day detox with us:

“The detoxification program was one more step towards physical health. Several years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer; that diagnosis changed my life. I came to BeWell to learn more about clean eating and give myself all the benefits I could towards a healthy life.  Removing dairy and gluten was not hard because I felt so much better without them. The cleansing had many benefits: sleeping through the night without awakening, 7 point drop in diastolic blood pressure and 15 point drop in systolic. I had hoped to lose some weight but never imagined 8 pounds would disappear. And I never craved food or felt hungry. I plan to do the cleanse twice a year from now on.  Try it and see how much better you feel!!! Thanks, Angie, for your support.”

– CB, State College, PA


“When I met Monica, I had just been diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes. There were signs that I had auto-immune disease of the liver. Doctors wanted to cut and medicate. Monica changed my life. She put me on a restricted diet, taught me to look at my whole health holistically, and convinced me to try alternative ways of healing. My liver enzymes are fully back to normal now, and my energy levels are better than ever. But it’s Monica’s counseling that has made it so rewarding. Monica is always there for me, always there to answer any questions, be they liver-related or overall well-being. She is supportive, caring, and highly knowledgeable. Without Monica, I would still be fumbling around. I owe her much.

PS and I haven’t even met her- have worked with her by phone all this time!”
– S. S., Chicago, IL


“I wanted you to know the detox worked really well. I must admit I didn’t follow it as well as I should have, but I did manage to take all the capsules and did most of the shakes. I can hardly tell I had 10 grueling weeks of chemo. My cancer doctor was pretty impressed with my physical condition yesterday. Now I really need to get down to business and get back to really eating right.”

– R.J., Saxton, PA


“What I wanted to get out of the detox, I got. I was looking for a reason to eliminate processed foods from my diet in the hopes of stabilizing my blood sugar-which did happen. Overall, I have felt more energy and am considerably more mindful of what I’m putting into my body. I was also hoping to use this experience to begin a weight-loss regime. Because of the selective diet and the opportunity to create a habit of mindfulness in this detox, I feel I have put myself in a position to succeed in the new mode of eating I’m planning to adopt next. Thank you, Angie for some new tools.”

– CR, State College, PA