If fact, what are the signs and symptoms?

Gluten reactions can range from mild, such as sensitivities and intolerances to serious, such as full blown Celiac Disease. Testing negative for Celiac Disease does not necessarily mean there’s no reaction to gluten. Further, more sensitive testing may show that there is!

Many people mistakenly feel that this is a ‘fad diet’ when in reality, gluten sensitivity can cause many health conditions ranging from annoying to severe.

An example of health problems that have been linked to gluten sensitivity include:  unexplained gastro-intestinal symptoms, osteoporosis, thyroid conditions, autoimmune and neurological disorders, as well as depression.  By eliminating the gluten grains, many people experience positive changes in their health: more energy, better mental clarity, and an overall sense of well-being.

Eating gluten-free means avoiding wheat, barley, and rye and their relatives; such as spelt and others. Wheat includes white and whole wheat products. These grains all contain the protein called gluten.

The hardest part about avoiding gluten is that it is everywhere. Most of our processed, convenience foods contain wheat. Even if they are not actually made of wheat it may be used as a filler/binder. Most companies have jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak, and offer some type of gluten-free alternatives to many foods that already contain gluten.

  • Do you think you have gluten sensitivity?
  • Are you confused about the difference between Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease?
  • Have you eliminated gluten and you’re still not feeling well?

We Can Help!!!

Not only do we have extensive testing to evaluate the many types of Gluten Sensitivity, but we also have a Certified Gluten Practitioner to help you understand your results and create an effective program for you.

We have a Certified Gluten Practitioner in our office!

Angie Redmond, N.C., Board Certified Nutritionist has earned the credential of Certified Gluten Practitioner conferred by internationally recognized educator and speaker specializing in Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Disease, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN. This certification enables Angie to better evaluate the level of gluten sensitivity that may be affecting your health and will create a diet to suit.

Our test is more accurate than the typical blood test for celiac because it uncovers gluten sensitivities, which are more common than full blown celiac.

Angie will also teach you about the nutrients that are specific to healing the body and improving those conditions that are associated with any level of gluten sensitivity.

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“Approximately 20 years ago I was diagnosed with a skin disorder associated with Celiac Disease.  The physician advised against attempting to eliminate gluten from the diet saying it was nearly impossible.  This past fall, I was having a lot of the typical issues caused by Celiac Disease and they were getting worse, negatively impacting my quality of life.  My family physician suggested we consider the gluten free diet saying that today it was much easier to go gluten free than it was.

We wanted nutritional expertise that included not only help with a gluten free diet but also advice for overall good “whole body” nutrition that was realistic and