A few weeks ago a young woman was put under scrutiny after she was asked to submit before and after pictures of her weight loss success to Shape magazine.  They wanted to crop her photo, of skin hanging from her midsection.  Of course, this created a lot of buzz on the internet and Shape scrambled to undo their faux pas.

Magazines routinely alter photos to make women look different than they actually are. Making the ‘ideal’ body type unattainable for most leaves us feeling badly about ourselves when we can’t achieve these goals.

tough mudder blogI have worked out hard for years. I’m not skinny and my muscles aren’t chiseled. I worked out with a trainer for a solid year before doing the challenging Tough Mudder.  During the race, a teammate actually asked if I trained at all.  I can only assume it was based on how I looked and not by the actual shape I was in. Ok, so I don’t run, but I can deadlift with the best of them!

Media’s focus on being thin doesn’t make it any easier. Our society has set unrealistic goals of what a woman’s body ‘should’ look like. We see it everywhere; magazines, television, even politics.

I have struggled with my (thoughts about) weight since 3rd grade.  I was 8!

Like most, I have tried every program. But it wasn’t until I let go of what everybody else’s ideals were that I had a revelation and really started to make progress and feel better about myself. It took more than just changing my diet and exercising.  It took changing habits, thought patterns, and working on underlying emotional issues that contributed to all of the above.

I’m glad to be in a position to empower people to love themselves and help them make the right eating choices specific to their needs.  There’s no diet that is right for everyone.  Each of us has individual stories, personal and emotional stories,  that dictate how we feel about our bodies, why we make the lifestyle choices that we do and hence dictate our overall health.

I’m passionate about helping my clients learn to feel good about themselves. I love teaching the effects that food can have on them, whether it’s physically or emotionally.  My goal is to empower each person I work with by giving them what they need to reach their goals. That means working with the emotional stuff as well.

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