Meet Maggie Jack and Ziva!

IMG_0398They want all the dogs in Pennsylvania to be as happy and well cared for as they are.  Their mom, Monica Montag, founded BeWell Associates over 25 years ago.  She loves her clients, and cares about animals just as much.

There are two pieces of legislation before the Pennsylvania General Assembly that have to do with limiting how long a dog can be tethered outdoors. One of these pieces of legislation is in the House, the other in the Senate.

Please write a letter to both state legislators. You can write the same letter to both.  Personalized, hand written/typed letters have the most impact take only a few minutes to write.


Here are some examples of brief notes that you can write to your state representative or write your own version:

  • Find out who your state rep and state senator are here:

  • Write to your State Rep about HB 41
  • Write to your State Senator about SB 522
  • Choose one of these model letters to write your letter
  • Make sure you sign it and include your address so that your legislators know you reside in their district


Example #1

Dear Representative/Senator,


I live and vote in your district.

I believe that dogs deserve to be treated with respect and don’t deserve be tied outside 24/7, isolated and with restricted movement.  I don’t care how long the leash is!  They also need comfortable shelter when it’s extremely cold or extremely hot.  The laws should specify no unattended tie-outs.

The measure of a people is how they treat their animals.  We can do much, much better. Please strengthen this law and get it passed.  I expect you to stand up for the animals.

You will get my vote if you do.



sign your name & address



Example #2

Dear Representative/Senator,


I’m writing to ask you to support HB 41 and SB 522 which make abusing animals a crime and strengthens Pennsylvania’s anti-tethering law that which prevents dogs from having to live outdoors at the end of the chain for their entire lives.

These issues are very important to me and my family.  We vote, and we will vote for you if you support these bills.


Thank you,

sign your name & address



Example #3

Dear Representative/Senator,


I am a constituent.  Please support the anti-tethering bill.


Yours sincerely,

sign your name & address


If you are interested in learning more about these laws you can check here:


You can also write the same letter with different details about Angels Law, which is HB 760 (this is a House Bill, so write to your Representative, not Senator).


HB 760 increases animal cruelty to a Misdemeanor 3. Even a first time offender upon arrest must be fingerprinted and photographed, so repeat offenders can be tracked.  It also includes heavy fines, and possibly jail time because right now, animal cruelty offenses in Pennsylvania are the equivalent to a traffic ticket.


Please help get these important pieces of legislation passed.

Your animal friends will be most grateful!


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Join in the Humane Society’s Humane Lobby Day in Harrisburg:

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