Here I am stuck on the airport runway while our plane is being de-iced. It occurs to me that they are de-icing the plane with some chemical, just like we try to get ourselves unstuck from constipation with over the counter remedies — chemicals. But a chemical deficiency can’t be the reason for constipation! Let’s explore what might be.

If you or a loved one is having problems with chronic constipation, try these tips.

1. Plan a specific time for this daily ritual and stick to your schedule, so that your body will get used to eliminating at that time. The ideal bowel habit is to eliminate after every meal, much like a baby does….food in = food out. It’s that simple. Schedules and stress interrupt that flow, so you have to plan for the event. Don’t let anything be more important than that allotted time for this important bodily function.

2. Leave yourself time to relax enough so that you can eliminate. Hurry will shut down your anal sphincter. Sorry to be graphic, but it’s true! Determine what helps you relax and do it, whether it’s reading the comics, playing a game on your iPad, or something else. Whatever it takes!

3. Try some Magnesium Malate Chelate, which helps absorb water into the colon and rehydrates a dry stool. If your stools look like little deer turds or are hard, dry and difficult to pass, try this. Take 2-4 with dinner. All that magnesium will also help your muscles to relax.

4. Add a good probiotic. The dead bacteria are the bulk of your stool, so the more you have the more your bowels have to work through your digestive tract. Look for a product that contains 50 billion or more live bacteria, like our Ultra Flora IB. Make sure your purchase is refrigerated and refrigerate at home as well.

5. Avoid all cow dairy products for a month. This includes milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, and etc. The primary protein in cow dairy, casein, is a leading cause of constipation. Check out our website for lots of easy and delicious dairy free recipes.

6. Avoid wheat. Think about how you make papier mache. You mix flour and water and get a paste that glues things together. You don’t want too much of that stuff in your intestines! Check out our website for lots of easy and delicious gluten free/wheat free recipes.

7. Add 1-2 tsp ground flax to your diet every day. Mix it into cereal, eggs, juice, applesauce. It’s a great laxative.

Moving your bowels daily is super important for excellent health. It’s the only way we have to “dump the junk” so think of it as housecleaning and do it regularly and with ease! If you still need help, talk it over with Angie in a Free 15-minute consult to find out what we can do for you.