New Year’s Day is just around the corner, a time when many people make resolutions….resolutions that have become the butt of many jokes because they are so apt to be broken.

This New Years make a decision to take a few small steps towards better health and well being. Let these decisions come from a place of self love and nurture, rather than self criticism.

When planning the new year, schedule time every day for the basics of life, the things that sustain you, such as time to prepare and eat food, to exercise and to rest.

You might be saying  “I don’t have time!”  But you do, if you make some small changes in your schedule. Guide those around you to do the same. Remember, that for every activity that you say NO to you will be saying YES to another, opening space for something else.

I remember one client telling me, how she created more at-home time for her family. “Why does a second grader need to be on a travel soccer team?” she said.  Why indeed?  It all comes down to choices.

The next time you’re reveling in relaxing or doing something you enjoy because you’ve said “NO” to an activity, congratulate yourself on whatever you said “YES” to. Feel the satisfaction of choosing something for yourself that nurtures your spirit.

A wise teacher of mine once said: we can only focus on three priorities at one time. Decide on what those are for you this coming year.   Measure every request, every activity that tempts you, against those three priorities.  If they don’t directly tie in to one of those, reject them.  Say NO.  It makes life’s myriad choices much easier to navigate. You will be better able to enjoy your moments…and that is all we really have!