1) Eat something before you head to a party.   Seems like old advice but even drinking a large glass of water before you go out will help curb your appetite.

2) Break for 10-15 minutes after your first round of food. Go to the bathroom to regroup and assess how you are feeling. Are you still hungry? Do you need another drink?

3) Give yourself a pep talk before you go.  Take time to set up some rules for the day/night.  As silly as it sounds, I will often do this while in the shower before a night out.

4) Let go of the guilt!! If you want to party, then party.

5) Be kind to yourself.  Don’t take home the “I should have done this” or “I shouldn’t have done this”. Allow yourself to enjoy the time with family and friends.  Tomorrow is a new day.

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Angie Redmond, BS, NC
Certified Gluten Practitioner