A New Tool In the Arthritis War

Back in September we offered a free trial to the first 3 people who wanted to test out our new arthritis product, Arthroben (see previous blog: Creaky No More).  We had such a positive response that we ended up giving away half a dozen cans and then some!

I promised to let you know how our clients fared.  Of the 10 who tested three claimed no effect (although one participant admitted she did not use it regularly).  “>But the rest had positive responses.  Read on…

Cindy N. reported that her knee is about 75% better. The stabbing pain in the back of the knee is gone, and while there is still some swelling, the knee is no longer chronically sore.

Jim R. from Huntingdon says his aches and joint pain seem to be less. His wife reports that she knows it has to be working because he asked her to get more and he does not take medications or supplements!

Dave F. from Annville, PA, said:  “What a difference. I no longer have to sleep in a chair from all my joint and muscle pain, and I can sleep in my bed with no pain.  And walking is even easier. “I don’t ever want to be without it!”

Pam K. from Huntingdon was able to cut back on her pain medication. She says: At first, I was fine without the medication, but realized that after a few days without it, I really needed the morning dose.  I seldom needed the second one, however, on the Arthroben.

And, from Mindy I.: “I know I got some relief from the Arthroben, it took about 2-3 weeks until I noticed I had less pain. Now that I have run out I really notice the difference!”

For those of you who didn’t like the Green Apple flavor, it also available in Lemon-lime flavor.  I myself use it daily and notice my joints feel more “lubricated” and less stiff. After just 3 weeks for a creaky right knee, it no longer crackles and hurts as I climb stairs.  I figure that anything that decreases inflammation in our bodies is a good thing.  And a tablespoon or two each day is easy to throw into a smoothie, water or juice

If you are still unsure about Arthroben, or would like to discuss how to reduce your aches and pains holistically, please sign up for our Free 15 Minute Consult.