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You would never guess that it’s protein!beef

Yes, in my 25 years of practice it’s the single most common deficiency I have encountered in my clients, especially women.

So, are you eating enough protein? Plug your weight into this simple formula to see if you meet the minimum daily requirement:

Your body weight in pounds divided by 2.2 = number of grams of protein required each day.  Please note, this is the bare minimum.

You will need more if you are:

  • recovering from illness, surgery, broken bones
  • under excessive stress
  • exercising intensively more than 6 hours/week
  • pregnant or nursing

Ideal protein intake should be closer to 50% more.
So for a 150 # person the range would be 63 – 94 grams/day….or 9-13 ounces.

Here’s the protein content of some popular foods. Do the math. Are you getting enough??


Each 1 ounce portion below equals 7 grams.

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1 egg
Goat cheese

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Shrimp, crab, lobster
Cottage cheese
Any fish

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Pork, ham

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Are you in the ballpark or “whey” off ….if you find you are low, a smoothie a day will give you more energy to play!


Need more protein in your diet?

Check out the variety of protein powders we provide for every need.


Whey Cool Chocolate and Vanilla $78

Derived from grass-fed cows.

24 grams protein per shake; 30 servings per container

Pure Pea Vanilla $34

A great dairy-free option made from peas.

20 grams protein per shake; 15 servings per container


Pure Lean Chocolate and Vanilla $48

A blend of hemp, chia, brown rice, and peas.

15 grams protein per shake; 20 servings per container


PaleoMeal Regular and Dairy-free $48

A meal replacement with a multi-vitamin built right in.

17 grams protein per shake

15 servings per container (540g size)


Contact us today to order yours!

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