So, you’ve decided to get in shape. Great! Now, where to begin? You’ve been told that any type of exercise is better than none, hard yoga posebut is this really correct?

Well, maybe or maybe not. Read on for one way to think about what type of exercise might be best for you.

Most of us have heard of the Blood Type Diet, but perhaps you didn’t know there’s an exercise regimen that accompanies each type. It’s been estimated that the Blood Type Diet is about 70% accurate. It may help guide you as you begin or revitalize your workout plan.

Check out the workout suggestions for each blood type:

Type O — The most common blood type in the world was also the first, going back to the caveman and hunter who lived in a fight or flight world. More than any other blood type, O’s rely on physical exercise to maintain physical health and emotional balance. The basic O is an athlete and needs exercise to release stress, worries, fears and anxieties. O’s might try more intense workouts, such as cross training for strength and flexibility.

Type A — The first farmers, A’s heightened cortisol levels make it harder to recover from stress. Type A needs focus and calming effects from exercise and to protect their joints. Avoid over training with aerobics and weight. If you’re an A, you might try Yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi.

Type B – The nomads in history, Type B’s have a unique mind/body balance. Best for them is exercise that’s not too aerobically intense, has an element of mental challenge, and involves other people. Try low impact aerobics, weight training, martial arts, swimming, cycling, and tennis.

Type AB — More modern life created this newest and most rare blood type, the result of intermingling rather than environment. Type AB’s resemble Type O in the tendency to overproduce adrenaline, yet also have the additional complexity of feeling the physical consequences of high emotions of the Type B’s.  The greatest concern for this type is the tendency to internalize emotions, especially anger. If you’re an AB, try walking-based cardio, dance, stretching, hiking, swimming, cycling, golf, Tai Chi, and Yoga.

Not sure of your blood type, or if these suggestions fit? Just use your instincts and start out easy as you explore what works best for YOUR body. Consult your doctor or a certified personal trainer before starting any exercise regimen.

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Thank you, Gail, for writing our first ever guest blog. Gail (Edgell) is our Designs for Health health educator, personal trainer, and founder of Holistic Marketing Mentors, with over 25 years of wellness experience.