The most commented upon post we have ever had was the picture of the giant hammocoutside bedk on a porch. It made me ponder what it was about that photo that caught our readers’ imaginations?  Are we a culture that craves more down time?  Time to spend in a swinging hammock —   daydreaming, reading, napping?

As we head into the busyness of fall, with schools and sports beginning again, are you dreading the hectic schedules?  Are you worried about getting run down, tired, and even sick from having to push your way through the daily demands of your life?

Being a student of the holistic lifestyle for many decades, let me share some ways that I’ve learned to  bring the summer’s moments of relaxation and fun into the fall and winter. Maybe you can choose one or two that appeal to you and apply regularly!

Massage/bodywork/energy work– I go every other week.  It helps me stay limber, clears my energy field (my practitioner, Sue Lembeck-Edens, practices Jin Shin Jitsu and we include it in most sessions) and helps me stay relaxed.  Check out the massage therapists we have here at BWA and choose one that fits your needs.

Daily exercise- I love to walk. I walk most days for at least 45 minutes and often more. Having three dogs helps.  I don’t feel like myself if I don’t get at least a short walk in on even a super busy day.  Find something physical that you enjoy and do it most days.

Reading-   Nothing relaxes me faster than to pick up a good book and spend any amount of time reading. It breaks the stress cycle, takes me to another world, and requires only a chair and light. I am often amazed at how refreshed I feel after just reading a novel for 20 minutes over my lunch time. My favorite genre is historical fiction…and I believe the reading is most relaxing if non-work related!

Mindful movement – OK, so you can’t get a workout in every day, but you can walk more mindfully, deliberately, slowly, from your car to the office, or to the store, or to your house.  This simple practice slows time; breathing deepens, body relaxes, mind calms down.

Mindful Eating – Much like mindful movement, mindful eating is a way to be more present, paying attention to the simple act of eating quiets the mind and body. Try it with a piece of fruit.  No reading, conversation or listening to music.  Just you and that peach. To read more about Mindful Eating check out our brochure.

Supplements that reduce your reactivity to external triggers. We all have them. Using  adaptegenic herbs that make us less reactive means you are less likely to snap at loved ones and make better choices because you are less tense and more clear headed. Different formulas are better for different people so you may have to try a few to find the right fit for you.  Some of my favorites are Adrenotone, which is a combination of ginsengs and Endorphinate, which has had rave reviews. But there are others. Ask us to suggest one for you.

Life Coaching – At certain times in life we need the help finding our way. Sometimes just a few sessions with a skilled life coach, such as Annie Mascelli, in our office, can help you reduce your stress and worry, take control of your life, and find more joy every day.