Shocking Report in the Wall St. Journal*:

Widespread use of anti-psychotic drugs for children


The anti-psychotic drug, Abilify, is the No. 1 drug used in the US. Originally used to treat schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders, it’s now being given to children with “irritability associated with autism.” Kids as young as one and two years old are being given these powerful drugs for autism and Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADHD).  Holy Moly!

I do understand the need to quiet these kids- I’ve seen a few in my office that couldn’t be still for seconds at a time. It is exhausting being around them. I am amazed and admiring of the parents who take care of them around the clock.

But drugging them is not the answer. Finding the underlying problem is. That’s where the Functional Testing such as the TRIAD test is so valuable.

We heard this report from one parent who got their child tested at BeWell and saw major improvements, very quickly, after adopting the dietary and supplement recommendations based on the results.

“Our 4 year old autistic son has had some really positive changes since we’ve been followed your diet recommendations (and used the supplements).“

He seems more pleasant/content/happy overall (which in itself is a HUGE improvement), is more attentive (he will actually sit through the reading of an entire book or two, or sometimes three if they are his favorite ones!), is making some new/old sounds, saying a few words on occasion, and has started using some basic sign language recently too!

M.R., State College, PA

It makes sense! If you can’t detoxify effectively and thus are poisoning your body, PLUS you are missing big bunches of nutrients that help your brain process information, of course you’ll be irritable and unable to focus!

Once your child is tested, the supplements are not expensive because they’re just needed in small amounts, and end up being cheaper than any junk food the child may eat on a regular basis.

If you know a child whose disposition is less than happy and focused, please let their parents know about the functional testing we provide through our office. We need to get the word out!

More Raves From Parents Who Got Their Kids Tested

The Perfect host at his Birthday party!

“PJ is doing very well. For the first time ever he wanted to wash his own hair, whereas he used to be very afraid of water. All his dry skin is gone, and he has solid bowel movements for the first time in his life. He is more involved at school, more analytical and speaking in longer sentences. He is getting great reports from all his teachers! My husband and I are amazed; sometimes it’s hard to believe he is the same kid! The TRIAD really nailed his nutritional needs. ”  J.P., Hollidaysburg, PA

Calmer and Improved Appetite!

“Our son is a lot better, calmer, can sit still and play on Ipad for hours vs minutes. He is reading books for the first time.  Best of all, his weight is up 10# in a month. Who knew that food allergies, as identified on the TRIAD, could cause difficulty maintaining healthy weight! ”  E.T., Dubois, PA

Picky Eater No More!

“After following the instructions based on the TRIAD test our son very quickly started eating entire turkey burgers  and hamburgers and pieces of chicken rather than bites at a time.  His hunger is insatiable and he is trying all sorts of new foods. He is verbalizing more,  didn’t cry at his last doctor’s appointment (another first!) and his allergies are better too.  We feel very for