Does your child have trouble sleeping?

I recently had the opportunity to work with two small cousins, ages two and four. They were both insomniacs but for different cranky kidreasons.  By using the holistic approach — taking into account when the problem began, the child’s personality, emotions, diet, and habits — I was able to determine the exact cause of their sleeplessness and correct those imbalances, helping both of these families find a safe and long-term solution.

Both children are now sleeping soundly, and without any sleep aids. Through testing, we discovered which brain chemical was out of balance and corrected them with a short-term intervention. They literally only needed a month or two on their brain formulas and they were sleeping well, and were calmer and happier.

In addition to sleep problems, Suzie, aged 2 1/2, was struggling with hyperactivity, having trouble settling down in the evenings. Starting late afternoon, she just got more and more wound up and by 11 pm she was bouncing off the walls with her exhausted parents unable to get her quieted. Not sleeping enough made her cranky and irritable during the day.

It was a vicious cycle that affected the entire family.

In taking a careful history of when the problems started, I discovered that she’d had a period of high stress in the form of separation from her parents the month before she started having trouble. Her behaviors were that of someone whose cortisol levels, or stress hormones, are stuck on high, much like a car idling too fast. We started giving her an amino acid that reduces cortisol, with her early supper, in order to allow the effects to kick in. The very first night, she was much calmer all evening, and was asleep by 8 pm.

Suzie awoke in a good mood and for the next month she continued to use her amino acid at supper, to fall asleep with ease and on time, and became progressively calmer, happier and better behaved. She was able to stop using the amino acid after six weeks and has been fine ever since.

Suzie’s cousin Maria, who is 4 years old, was also having an insomnia problem, but for a different reason. In addition to not sleeping, she was also becoming increasingly withdrawn, had lost her appetite, and was generally depressed. We ordered the TRIAD test for her because we also suspected food allergies, as she’d had chronic bellyaches and constipation.

We found that she did have a food allergy and was also low in healthy gut flora, and needed probiotics.

Once she started getting those and reducing gluten and eggs, her bowels were regular and no more complaints about bellyaches.

The testing also revealed that although Maria had enough tryptophan, the brain chemical that helps us feel relaxed and supports healthy sleep, she was not able to push it into her brain because of an imbalanced relationship between tryptophan and a number of other amino acids. We corrected that imbalance and very quickly, not only was she sleeping well and long, but she returned to her happy outgoing self. Again, she will only need to take her supplements for about two months and her imbalance should be fully corrected for good.

Rather than treating insomnia with sleeping medications that don’t correct the underlying imbalance, I would much rather get to the root of the problem, correct the brain chemistry and see good health and wellbeing restored quickly!

Try This:

Have a child with sleep problems? Take careful note of the changes in your child’s diet, situation, stress levels, and environment and how they relate to the onset of symptoms. Are there factors in your control, such as timing or quality of meals and snacks, etc, that you can improve? Have you tried to