Babies on prescription Zantac? Really??

Yes, it’s one of the most shocking practices in our medical culture. Babies with severe colic, acid reflux, and severe stomachstay strong baby upset are miserable and need immediate and effective help. But they don’t have a Mylanta or Zantac deficiency! And long term antacid use compromises their ability to digest and assimilate nutrients.

The real issue is that they’re missing the healthy bacteria that should have colonized their intestines at birth, so they don’t have these valuable helpers for digestion, detoxification, and immune activity. There are several reasons why this doesn’t always happen as it should. Read on.

Infants who have severe digestive problems are often C-section babies.

By skipping the birth canal, they don’t pick up much-needed healthy bacteria from their moms.

Other causes of digestive distress in infants include moms taking antibiotics while pregnant or on long term antibiotic use, for conditions such as acne, chronic UTIs, sinus infections, etc. Antibiotics kill the healthy bacteria, too, and because mom doesn’t have the good bugs, neither does baby.

The solution is simple: a round of probiotics that are specially formulated for infants, like Infant Formula from Klaire Labs, available at BeWell. Simply rubbing ¼  tsp of this powdered formula on baby’s gums or mom’s nipples while nursing, once each day, will solve the digestive distress quickly. One bottle suffices, unless the baby takes antibiotics again.

Not only will baby’s digestion improve but their long term chances of developing allergies and asthma will nosedive.

In Europe, all C –Section babies are sent home with a small bottle of probiotics and their rates of allergies and asthma in children under five years of age is a fraction of the US’s.

If your baby is already on one of these strong acid blocking medications please ask me for directions on how to taper them with minimal side effects. It has to be done very slowly because there is a strong