One of the biggest enemies to weight control is mindless eating. mindful eating

How many times have you eaten a meal and not even tasted it, because you were reading, driving, or engaged in intense conversation? It’s really easy to pack on the calories when you are not paying attention.

Try this. Pick a time when you can be quiet and alone. Eat a single grape or berry, slowly and with great curiosity. Notice the shape, the color, the texture. Reflect on where it came from. When you place it in your mouth, chew slowly, paying attention to your thoughts, the flavors, the moisture, and the changes that take place as you chew. Remember to breathe while chewing!

Being more present, more mindful, when you eat can help you make better choices and food and portions, leading to the weight loss and good health you want.

For more tips, check out our information on Conscious Eating.

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