moonHave you ever noticed how certain times of the month you feel more energetic and outgoing and other times you just want to stay home and be a couch potato? Well, these changes in mood and energy are actually hormonal! And if you know a little bit about the hormonal fluctuations of your cycle you can use them to your advantage when planning your life.

Your energy levels are affected by light and the phases of the moon. Think about it: If the pull of the moon  can affect something as huge as the oceans’ tides, don’t you think it would also affect your bodily fluids. Absolutely!

Here are some ways the moon influences our hormones, our moods and  the way we show up for our lives:

Note that Day 1 is the first day of bleeding.

Days 1-5   The “Springtime “of the menstrual cycle.

  • New moon, waxing moon.
  • Estrogen levels are high.
  • Release of the egg, a time of being more active.

Try This: Most women more energetic and upbeat during this time. It’s the peak of expression, so plan this time of the month to be your most outwardly focused. Take that weekend vacation or host that dinner party.

Days 6-15   The “Summertime” of the menstrual cycle

  • The Full Moon.
  • Ovulation occurs.
  • More receptive or “fertile” to new ideas and people.
  • Increased sexual desire, to improve chances of conception.

Try This: You’ll be at your peak of creativity, so this is a good time for brainstorming or starting a new project. Plan some creativity time into your schedule.

Days 16-29   The  “Fall” and “Wintertime” of the menstrual cycle

  • Waning Moon to New Moon, menstruation on the New Moon.
  • The two weeks or so after ovulation.
  • Progesterone levels are at their peak.

Try this: This is when PMS symptoms manifest if  self care is not adequate or hormones are out of  balance. Learn to say “No” and make this a time when it’s OK to withdraw and hibernate a bit, concentrating on your intuition and inward focus. Rest when your period begins. In menopause, you enter the phase of being directly in touch with your intuition all the time. Try keeping an Intuition Journal to strengthen your intuitive awareness.

Use the power of your menstrual cycle to improve your flow of creativity and productivity.  It is always better to work with a cycle than against it. Use your knowledge of the sacred feminine.

What can you try this month to align your activities with your natural cycle and feel energized all month long?

Choose one tip to implement and share your experiences. We’d love to hear from you!