Don’t waste your money on any substandard nutritional supplement.

Check the label of your multivitamin to see if it meets these minimum standards for quality:

• No artificial colors or flavors in your multi. It doesn’t make sense to add toxins to something that you are taking daily for your health.

• Look for 100% MDV (Minimum Daily Value)of biotin. Biotin is very important for healthy hair, skin and nails, but it’s expensive to produce, so many manufacturers skimp. If they cut corners with biotin they are likely to do so with other nutrients as well. The (MDV) for biotin is 300 mcg and there should be at least that much in your multi.

• Look for the d-tocopherol form of Vita E. The dl form is synthetic and hard for the body to utilize. Mixed tocopherols are even better, so the very best type of Vita E would be labelled d-mixed tocopherols or d-gamma tocopherols.

• Make sure you get 100% MDV for trace minerals chromium, zinc and boron, which are important for blood sugar regulation, immunity, and bone building.

• Do not take a multi with iron if you are no longer menstruating or are male. The exception is if you have been tested and have low iron.

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