This is the time of year when everyone gets concerned about their immune system.  Many ask, “Should I get a flu shot?”

My answer is “no”.  The flu shot is based on a “best guess” of which strains of flu will be active in a certain year.  This guess is often wrong, and, meanwhile, you’ve had a live virus injected into your body!

There are more effective and less toxic ways to avoid getting sick — ways that enhance every system of your body.  One of the easiest is to increase Vitamin D.

Do you need Vitamin D?

Especially at this latitude, Vita D deficiency is almost universal.  Get your’s tested, and make sure it is the 25 (OH) D3 test that is ordered.  Ask for the actual number result, and look to be in the 60-80 range.  Don’t settle for an “it’s normal” report, since anything over 30 may be  considered normal.

The low threshold was recently increased from 20 to 30, but I think it will be going higher still, as we discover all the ways that Vitamin D is important for health, so bare  minimum is not optimal.  And when you learn all the ways in which Vitamin D is critical to excellent health, you will want to optimize yours too!

Why D?

First, Vitamin D is actually a pre-hormone, giving it a role in many systems in the body.  And this is really just a partial list. I have seen it have profound effects on people’s clarity of thinking, their energy level, and muscle fatigue as well.


Plays a role in:

• calcium metabolism

• strength of bone and cartilage

• teeth and gum health

Deficiency may lead to:

• osteoporosis, osteomalacia,

osteoarthritis, muscle weakness

and pains, periodontal disease

• secondary hyperparathyroidism



• role in insulin production

• improves glucose tolerance



May reduce:

• lipid peroxidation

• certain types of high blood pressure

• CRP, fibrinogen, IL-61



May reduce:

• inflammation, such as caused by

neuronal injury

• calms autoimmune reactions:

MS,Type I Diabetes

rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis,

inflammatory bowel disease

(Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis),