Local favorites recommended by Monica:

  • Fish Tacos at Kelly’s in Boalsburg
  • The “Yolanda” at Rey Azteca
  • Gluten free pastries and a soy latte at the Pump Station in Boalsburg
  • Elk Creek Burgers and Beer Battered Wall-Eye at Elk Creek Café, Milheim
  • Chicken Saag and TIkka Masala at India Pavilion
  • Margaritas at The Deli
  • Chicken Caesar Salad is an old standby anywhere!

Local favorites recommended by Angie:

  • My all-time favorite is anything Thai. My standard is Panang Curry with Shrimp and Jasmine rice.  I usually ask for it ‘Thai spicy’ because I like it HOT!
  • Champs has amazing salads!! My favorite is the Salad Italiano with Blackened Chicken and dressing on the side.
  • Otto’s grass-fed burger with bacon and avocado. I get it without the bun and I enjoy their homecut fries with malt vinegar.
  • In a pinch, Wegmans $10 meals are great. They usually have grilled salmon, which is tasty, with some cauliflower or roasted red potatoes. The Claremont salad is one of my favorites!
  • Faccia Luna has an AMAZING gluten-free pizza!!

*If you are not in State College, most of these items can be ordered at restaurants located near you.