Angie and I are often asked what we eat so we thought we’d share some typical menus for us.

Monica:   My favorite breakfast is an Ezekial English muffin with sunflower seed or peanut butter. I either add ground flax seed, sesame seeds or orange marmalade. Sometimes a sliced apple or a sliced banana…depends on what we have in the kitchen. Add a cup of bold coffee with coconut creamer and I am happy!

This time of year, my lunches are often a salad with beans/ chickpeas and chicken or salmon, a wrap, or some kind of burger (  turkey, beef or salmon) accompanied by four bean salad or Cole slaw.

Quick dinners at our house include:

Sautéed chicken breast strips with soy sauce/Braggs Aminos + grated fresh ginger+ garlic, served with sautéed coleslaw mix with added onions slivers, grated beets and broccoli (or any other fresh veggie that needs to be used up!)  Rice is optional.

Pasta (we use the brown rice pasta) with homemade sauce: sauté onions+ stewed tomatoes+ black olives+ portabellas+ spinach.  Add Wegmans (frozen) Turkey Meatballs for more protein.

Roast chicken with roasted root vegetables (I like turnips, sweet potatoes, red onions, rutabagas and parsnips).  Everything cooks in the same pan!

Homemade hummus in a pita (I use lots of fresh parsley and garlic), stuffed with grated veggies- usually carrots, alfalfa sprouts, and tomatoes if in season.

Tofu Salad- take a block of firm tofu, mash with a fork and prepare like you would egg or tuna salad.  Use on a salad or stuffed into a pita/wrap.

Equal parts canned black beans and fresh/frozen corn on a salad (a complete protein) is delish, quick and fresh tasting.  Add salsa if you want to get fancy. I like to add chopped cilantro from my garden.

When I go out I like:

Fish Tacos at Kelly’s in Boalsburg

The “Yolanda” at Rey Azteca

Gluten free pastries and a soy latte at the Pump Station in Boalsburg

Elk Creek Burgers and Beer Battered Wall-Eye at Elk Creek Café, Milheim

Chicken Saag and TIkka Masala at India Pavilion

Margaritas at The Deli

Chicken Caesar Salad is an old standby anywhere!


Angie: For breakfast I enjoy 2 eggs, sunny side up over kale with hot sauce and 1/2 an avocado. (Sometimes I have organic, no nitrate bacon). I really like strong coffee and I add a spoonful of virgin coconut oil and a splash of cream. Protein shakes are an old stand-by in which I enjoy ½ a frozen banana and almond milk with whey protein.

Easy meals for me are:

Marinated chicken breasts cooked on the George Foreman grill.  I typically make 3-6 at a time so I can also have them for lunch during the week. I always eat something ‘green’ and sometimes a sweet potato. For lunch, chicken goes on a salad.

I like black beans and brown rice with salsa stirred in. I add olives, fresh cilantro, and avocado. Once in a blue moon I add some smoked Gouda.

Chicken legs are a new favorite, they are easy and cheap! I like to sauté a little butter with garlic then add the chicken legs to the pan. Turn back the heat, sprinkle with basil, add ¼ cup of water (enough to create steam), cover and cook until no longer pink. The meat  falls off the bone.

When I want to treat myself, I found a great recipe for crab cakes with zero filler. You will need to clean the crab meat to ensure there are no shells. Add 1 tbsp. mayo, 1 egg, 1 tbsp. sliced green onion, and Old Bay seasoning to taste. They may seem a little runny, but the egg will help them stay together once you start cooking them. Bake or sauté.

Eating out:

My all-time favorite is anything Thai. My standard is Panang Curry with Shrimp and Jasmine rice.  I usually ask for it ‘Thai spicy’ because I like it HOT!

Champs has amazing salads!! My favorite is the Salad Italiano with Blackened Chicken and dressing on the side.

Otto’s grass-fed burger with bacon and avocado. I get it without the bun and I enjoy their homecut fries with malt vinegar.

In a pinch, Wegmans $10 meals are great. They usually have grilled salmon, which is tasty, with some cauliflower or roasted red potatoes. The Claremont salad