So….. you’ve done everything you can to lose weight and not an ounce has come off.  How is that possible?   If you would like to explore the less known reasons why people cannot lose weight, going beyond the typical “count calories and exercise” routine, then consider a session with holistic nutritionists Monica Montag, HHP, CN or Angie Redmond, NC.   

With summer coming and skinny clothes on the horizon, you may want to explore these possibilities with us…

The wrong bacterial balance in your digestive tract: Yes, you heard me correctly. When gut bacteria species, Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes are in the wrong balance, people extract more calories from their food than when they are in the proper balance. You can test this potential problem using our GI Effects Stool test.  Often, using a high quality probiotic supplement can correct this hidden problem with weight loss as well as many others. There is ever increasing evidence that gut health is the key to not only maintaining optimal weight but also overall lifelong vim and vigor. So, build your “skinny bugs” with our Probiotic Synergy Capsules or Powder.

High or Low Cortisol: Stress! Yes, stress is a major cause of weight loss resistance. Either overly high cortisol from too much stress or overly low cortisol from chronic stress and resulting cortisol depletion, are two of the biggest areas we adress. Depending on the severity of the problem, we can offer a multi-ginseng product like Adrenotone, which normalizes cortisol or we may get into more specific therapies based on metabolic testing such as the TRIAD or the Adrenal Stress Index. This is a very common problem in our high stress culture and an important area to evaluate for improving long term health.

Low Thyroid Function: Undiagnosed or sub-clinical (does not show up on blood work) low thyroid function can manifest as fatigue, hair loss, constipation, weight gain, morning headaches, and low body temperatures, to name a few symptoms. We use simple testing to assess basal metabolic rate and accordingly,  boost thyroid, sometimes by simply providing the body with the building blocks of thyroid hormone, such as Iodine or the amino acid Tyrosine.

Lack of adequate high quality protein:  Believe it or not the most common deficiency I have encountered in my twenty plus years of  nutritional counseling practice has been low protein, especially in women. There has been so much misinformation/misunderstanding on this subject.  Vegans and vegetarians have to be especially mindful of attaining adequate protein levels.  This can be done without eating flesh foods by applying knowledgeable food combining, adding quality protein powders, etc.

How does protein affect weight loss?   Our bodies need protein to build and repair tissue, to detoxify daily toxins through the liver and to build the lean muscle that burns fat.
How much protein?  A good rule of thumb is to take your body weight, divide by 2.2 to get the bare minimum protein in grams per day. Take half again as much for optimal protein. If recovering from illness, surgery, running marathons, or pregnant, as well as other special cases, you will need the higher levels.
Example: 150 # / 2.2 = 75 grams minimum to 113 grams optimal. Some experts recommend even more but I find most clients have a hard time attaining even this amount!

To augment animal based protein and for convenience, we offer a wider selection