Introducing a potent new anti-anxiety nutraceutical ENDORPHINATE® developed by a local psychologist for his patients, and now available exclusively at BeWell Associates. Even mind-body pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra, benefits from Endorphinate, and will be on Dr. Oz on Feb 20th, talking about this amazing product.

Benefits include:
Almost everyone can benefit from daily use of Endorphinate® for:

  • Relief from anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, aches and pains, irritability, and cravings.
  • Prevention of emotional and physical distress.
  • Enhanced adaptive response to many types of stress.
  • Increased calm, comfort, energy, concentration, positive mood, and well-being.
  • Improved emotional, interpersonal, sexual, and mental functioning.
  • Greater self-control over feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and substance use.

How quickly will you experience the benefits of Endorphinate®?
Some individuals report benefits within minutes, hours, and days of initial dosing.

  • Others find that their benefits are experienced more slowly over the first few weeks.
  • Benefits typically continue to increase over months of daily use.

Technical details of Endorphinate:

As you and I know, while healthy nutrition, exercise, and spiritual/meditative practices are wonderful for our emotional and physical well-being, neurophysiologic imbalances often require more targeted methods to restore healthy homeostatic functioning.

This product is scientifically formulated based on endorphin science. It is indeed paradoxical that we have determined that caffeine, in correct combination with other ingredients, literally reduces stress and anxiety, contrary to conventional wisdom. In fact, it is this unconventional methodology that has allowed the development of a patent for this product. Caffeine, without other balancing agents, often triggers excitatory opioid receptor signaling, which produces many of its well-known stress and anxiety inducing effects. By adding agents, such as NAC, Magnesium Sulfate, and L-Theanine, that switch this excitatory signaling to inhibitory signaling, the product boosts endorphins while insuring that they trigger inhibitory signaling, which promotes calm, comfort, and well-being.