This is the time of year when I get the question several times each week…”should I get a flu shot?” I say no, do not. For details about how flu studies have been manipulated, and how non-industry funded studies show very little benefit of flu vaccines, you can check out the Cochrane Database Reviews.

Instead, strengthen your immunity with a simple action that will also benefit your brain, strengthen your bones, and even improve your sleep….optimize your Vita D level.

It turns out that Vita D is a hormone and not just simply a vitamin. As such it has an effect on many more systems in our bodies than we ever realized, including the immune system and the adrenal glands.

Here, in a nutshell, are the important facts you need to know to get the most out of Vita D:

Ask your doctor for a blood test that measures Vita D.

When you get your results, ask for the number rather than to be told they are normal. Normal range is 30-100, but you want to be in the 70-90 range for optimal health.

Every person not on Vita D supplements, whose lab work I have seen, has had low levels, usually in the teens or 20’s. This even included a landscaper who works outdoors. Remember, at our latitude it is not easy to synthesize Vita D, especially if you wear sunscreen!

Taking large amounts of Vita D to boost low levels must be done safely. Make sure your Vita D has Vita K, as does our properly formulated Vita D Ultra or Vita D Supreme, to prevent rigidity in capillary walls at these high doses. I recommend against taking a single blast of 50,000 iu once per week for this reason and also because we don’t get that kind of extreme exposure in nature.

Do not overshoot the mark either, as overly high Vita D levels can enhance bone loss. Simply stopping for a few months brings the levels right back down. This has only happened to one of my clients in all these years, and after stopping her levels were back in normal range within weeks.

Other tips for fending off the flu or colds:

  • Oil of oregano, a potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent or
  • Olive leaf extract, a non-toxic immune system builder and
  • Immunitone, a combination of various types of mushrooms that have immune boosting power, or
  • Bio-Immunozyme Forte, known as “Monica’s Magic Pill” for powerful immune help when you feel a cold coming on…
  • Vitamin C, preferably with bioflavenoids, to support immunity and
  • Optimizing zinc, powerful immune supporter
  • Drinking plenty of clear liquids
  • Stopping mucous forming foods such as wheat, dairy, peanuts, fried or high fat foods.
  • Getting adequate sleep and rest.
  • Maintaining exercise.

You too can be Cold and Flu-Free this season!