BeWell offers Health Evaluation, Detoxification and Individualized Food Plans. We specialize in Food Allergies, Digestive Problems, Weight Loss, Fatigue and Diabetes. In Greek “holos” is the root word for “whole” “holistic” and “holy”. When we lose the connection between the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves, we lack the experience of wholeness. Becoming disconnected from self, from community, from purpose, from spiritual self, leave us vulnerable to disease, the physical manifestation of disconnection. As a Holistic Nutritionist, we look upon your life in its entirety, particularly paying attention to the mind-body connection. We will help you evaluate your current health status and provide you, the client, with the means to restore vibrant health. We will look at the many factors that influence your health, including emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental, genetic, and vocational. As appropriate, we’ll order blood/saliva/hair analysis tests to discover allergies and to determine hormonal levels, gastro-intestinal function, and other important health markers. If necessary we will include stress management and Process Acupressure in your program. We can also help you with “too many doctors” syndrome; sorting out what does and does not work for you, and developing a plan to restore wellness. Together we will develop a plan specific to your needs and help you to implement that plan. We will continue an ongoing relationship until you achieve the level of health and wellness that you desire. Please call 814-234-0785 or email the office for an appointment.