A health coach works with you to create healthy habits for the long-term. Coaching provides a consistent, ongoing relationship of support and encouragement between client and coach.

Your coach uses active listening and positive strategies to motivate you, the client. Your health coach helps put your plans into action, navigate obstacles so you can reach your goals, offers local connections and walks with you every step of the way on your journey of health.

Here are some specific examples of areas that a health coach helps you with:

  • Identifies the best food choices based on your bio-individuality
  • Creates healthy meal plans based on your unique needs
  • Introduces basic food preparation skills, if needed
  • Instructs you in detoxification strategies to improve energy and mental focus
  • Provides reachable goal setting
  • Helps connect the consistent choices you make to a successful life

She will teach you how to achieve these areas as well:

  • Reach a healthy weight range
  • Increase energy
  • Help you fit into your clothes more comfortably
  • Choose the best movement for you
  • Stay positive while working on your health goals
  • Spark joy in your environment
  • Understand cravings and emotional eating
  • Focus on understanding yourself to improve relationships
  • Release emotions that sabotage growth
  • Create a lifestyle that you love

PLEASE NOTE: Returning clients, book your appointment online. New client and test results appointments, please call 814-234-0785 to schedule.