Preconception & Healthy Pregnancy Package

Are you thinking about getting pregnant? Did you know it takes a man’s body 3 months to prepare for healthy procreation and a woman’s body needs 9 months to prepare? Plan ahead to be ready to have a healthy pregnancy.

Your In Person Or Virtual package includes:

  • Initial 1/ 1/2 hour consultation with both prospective parents ($175 Value)
  • 3 Hours of Follow Up Appointments over 6 weeks ($270 Value)
  • Personalized Supplement Starter Pack for both prospective parents ($100 Value)

Purchased separately, these services would cost $545, but with the package price of $475, you save $70. OPTIONAL: Add the TRIAD test and test results appointment for $375 per person.

Total Value: $545 Package Price: $475 SAVE: $70


If you’re new to BeWell, we recommend starting with a Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation with Founder and Senior Nutritionist, Monica Montag, who will help you determine the best way we can help you. Book a Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation HERE.

Book your Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation HERE.

Please Note: This package does not include functional testing. If you and your clinician feel that testing is right for you, payment for the test and your test results appointment would be additional.