A food allergy is an adverse reaction to the ingestion of a food.

There are many types of antibodies that the body can make to foods.  The one we most commonly test is the “hidden” reaction, the IgG antibody, that occurs up to 48 hours after a food has been consumed.  These are the most subtle, and therefore difficult to track.  We also offer IgA testing, which is the reaction of the lining of the intestinal tract to food.

Some common signs of food allergies:

  • Dark circles under the eyes (we call these allergy shiners)
  • Puffiness under the eyes
  • Horizontal creases in the lower eyelid
  • Chronic fluid retention
  • Chronic swollen glands
  • Chronic Bloating and gas
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Acne, eczema, hives, itching, rashes