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22 01, 2019

What’s On Your Mind? The Survey Results Are In!

January 22nd, 2019|Blog|0 Comments

Many thanks to the 124 people who took our 2019 Survey! Here are the results of the survey. See how what's on your mind for 2019 compares with other readers. Who completed the survey? We had 124 respondents, 95% of which were female and 68% were age 45 or older. Here's the breakdown by age: [...]

17 01, 2019

CBD: What You Need To Know

January 17th, 2019|Blog, Bones and Joints, Brain and Mental Health, Digestion, Fatigue, Heart Health, Hormones|0 Comments

One of the hottest new items to come along in health care in a long time is CBD.  It’s everywhere — in every form! Topical, pills, drops, vapes… it’s the magic pill everyone has been hoping and waiting for. Well, is it that? Maybe. We are seeing many benefits in our clients and the feedback [...]

17 12, 2018

Monica’s Medicine Chest

December 17th, 2018|Blog, Immunity, oil of oregano, sore throat remedies, Supplements|Comments Off on Monica’s Medicine Chest

Nature has provided us with the original pharmacopeia of healing agents. Most of them are plants, many are minerals and vitamins. They are always my first choice when battling an oncoming cold or flu. I thought I’d share with you the contents of my medicine cabinet, as well as some key self-care practices to keep [...]

11 12, 2018

Free E-Book: Sinus Survival Guide

December 11th, 2018|Blog|Comments Off on Free E-Book: Sinus Survival Guide

Do any of these symptoms sound like you or a family member? Always stuffy? Throat perpetually scratchy, froggy, or thick? Head pounding from a sinus headache or infection? Multiple trips to the doctor each winter? If you said yes to any of the above, then this Sinus Survival Guide is for you! • How sinus infections begin• Common [...]

4 12, 2018

Winter Routines For Staying Healthy And Fit: State College Version

December 4th, 2018|Blog, lifestyle changes, mental health, positive thinking|2 Comments

Imagine sitting on the beach next summer in the warm sun, feeling healthy and fit. How did you get there? By having a steady, winter routine, because what you do today will help set up your tomorrow. I grew up in Michigan and Florida, where I had both cold and hot weather experiences. Now, living [...]

29 11, 2018

You Changed Your Diet, Do You Really Need Supplements?

November 29th, 2018|Blog|Comments Off on You Changed Your Diet, Do You Really Need Supplements?

If you’re supposed to be eating whole foods and you do that, isn’t that enough? Do you really need to take supplements? Why isn’t a whole food diet enough? If you’re eating a whole food diet rich in high quality protein, a rainbow of veggies and fruits, and quality fats, you’re doing your body and [...]

13 11, 2018

8 Tips For Eating Mindfully During The Holidays

November 13th, 2018|Blog, positive thinking|Comments Off on 8 Tips For Eating Mindfully During The Holidays

It is that time of year again! You're spending quality time with family and friends, running around planning and preparing for the holidays, and of course eating all of your favorite holiday foods. Although this is a beautiful time to show our love and gratitude, it can also be a stressful time as you rush [...]

30 10, 2018

Looking Back and Ahead: An Interview with Founder Monica Montag

October 30th, 2018|BeWell Staff, Blog, life lessons and love|Comments Off on Looking Back and Ahead: An Interview with Founder Monica Montag

As BeWell Associates prepares to move their offices just across the parking lot, Founder and Senior Nutritionist, Monica Montag reflects on the past 30 years of service and looks ahead to what's next. BW: Why did you start BeWell? MM: I started BeWell because I wanted to help people. I was introduced to holistic nutrition [...]

23 10, 2018

How To Sleep Your Way To Weight Loss

October 23rd, 2018|Blog, Detox and Weight Loss, Fatigue, Sleep, weight loss plan|Comments Off on How To Sleep Your Way To Weight Loss

Can you really sleep your way to weight loss? When I spend time with clients who are trying to lose weight, they often mention that sleep is a problem for them. Can you relate? Your lack of sleep may be hurting your attempts to lose weight. One review found that people who sleep between 3.5 [...]

17 10, 2018

The Blood Sugar — Weight Loss Connection

October 17th, 2018|Blog, constipation, Detox and Weight Loss, Digestion, headaches, Holistic weight loss program, meal planning, Metabolism, nutrition, weight loss plan, weight loss program|Comments Off on The Blood Sugar — Weight Loss Connection

While working within the Integrative Clinical Nutrition field, I've met countless people who want to lose weight and most importantly keep it off. I've seen them all — and maybe you see yourself on this list — if you've ever been a... yo-yo dieter fad diet dieter calorie counter diet pill dieter ‘hangry’ dieter scale [...]